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This is my temperature blanket for 2016. The blanket has one colour representing onespan of temperature. Every group of 6 shells represents one day - going from the middle and out in rounds. Blue is minus (Celsius) degrees and green is just above zero. Yellow/red is Summer temperatures. It's quite obvious the the first part of the year is the coldest time, then the Summer comes. The Autumn has a couple of cold days, but most of the time it's just above zero. The white parts mark a new month.

A temperature blanket is a blanket where every part reflects the daily temperature. Everyone makes his/her own plan for what colours to use for which temperature. After that: It's just to check what the temperature is outside and crochet the chosen colour. You can do a blanket that shows the actual year's temperature, the temperature the year your child was born or the first year of your marriage. There are also people doing "mood blankets", where the squares or stripes represents how you feel. I've also seen "rain blankets" for rainy places. Some people add special colours for storm, earthquakes, snow, snowstorms etc.

If you think that making a blanket is far too much work: Make something smaller instead like a scarf. Or do something that reflects the average temperature for a month, than you only have to make 12 different parts to join.

I have decided to make a temperature blanket for the year 2016 and this is my colour scheme:

tempereratur filt temperature blanket afghan color colour chart


I use the yarn Fuga from Järbo which is affordable and easy to get where I live. It hopefully lasts longer than a pure acrylic yarn after daily use. Choose a yarn that you can buy as you go, since it's hard to calculate the exact amount of yarn needed for each colour. I chose to use blue shades for sub-zero temperatures (in Celsius), green for above zero and red for the Summer temperatures. The total amount of yarn used was approximately 1,2 kg yarn, i.e. 24 skeins about 2900 meters.

I live in Sweden so got the temperature from our national service: SHMI.Se. The also have historical data Excel-format to download. Your country problably have the same national service.

The pattern of a temperature blanket may vary: You can make a square per day (granny square are often used), combine several days into one larger square, one square per month or 1 stripe per day. It's important though that you estimate how large your blanket will be when you're finished. It's not fun to realise that your stripey blanket will end up 3 meter long. It's as sad as when your blanket made from granny squares is 3,5 meter long.

If you want to make a blanket from squares (granny square on any other square) 380 squares (= 19*20 rutor) will give you 14/15 extra squares to fill in and use for showing where a new month starts. I you want a 180 cm long blanket each sqaure should be 9 cm.

This is my plan how to place the squares into 20 * 19 rows.

Skärmavbild 2016-01-19-2

To get a view of how the colours would distribute I used old weather data to make a model. I used the max temperature for each day during 2014 and made a simplified layout.

Skärmavbild 2016-01-19-6

I'm totally in love with this shell pattern and my plan is to make a blanket using this pattern. I calculated how many shells I would crochet each row and measured the height of one row.

This is my calculation:
The first row is 12 shells. Every row adds 4 shells. After 31 rows I have totally 2232 shells. If the year is 366 days, I can crochet 6 shell/dag and have 36 shells to use a month dividers (3 shells for each month). And yes, of course I have an Excel-sheet for this. I realize that the blanket may be on the smaller side (110 cm long), but I can make a border in solid white if I want to make it larger.

Skärmavbild 2016-01-19-5

Now all the fun starts to find out what the max temperature is every day and then crochet 6 shells of the right colour. New month is 3 white shells. If I don't want to wait for the days to pass I use the numbers from 2014.

Here I have marked which days that are made.

Skärmavbild 2016-01-28

[ Shell blanket pattern ]

temperature blanket temperatur filt mood shell pattern crochet


temperaturfilt temperature blanket temperatur filt mood shell pattern crochet

temperaturfilt temperature blanket temperatur filt mood shell pattern crochet


temperaturfilt temperature blanket


temperaturfilt temperature blanket crochet blanket filt virkad afghan

temperaturfilt temperature afghan blanket

This is an example of my creative pre-process before deciding exactly what pattern to use.