This will most likely be my favourite dress #1 during the coming winter. It's long, it's soft and it's MINT GREEN! It has taken so many hours to finish this and there were moments when I thought I'd never finish it. But now it's done. I have used 3,5 km of yarn (10 skeins of 100 grams each = 1 kg yarn. The hook is 4.00 mm.

The yarn is  Super Baby Mint Green från Yarn Paradise (100% Baby Acrylic, 360 m/100 g). It's soft and nice to work with and fill up well even though it's only look quite thin.


I started out with this pattern (tunic dress with flare), which I have bought at  Ravelry. However, I had to adjust the pattern quite a lot, since it seems to have been made for a short and wide person (I'm tall and wide). First I prolonged the body. When I started with the skirt and followed the pattern the skirt increased quickly in width and gave almost a ballerinalike look to the skirt. It's not very flattering for a plus size +50 woman. Therefore, I made the skirt slimmer but it's still swingy. The last rounds on the skirt took ages to finish, so it's wide and full enough. I also prolonged the skirt since the pattern only was knee length, even though it looks full length at the picture.

When the body and the skirt part was done, I had to figure out what sleeves to make. The original pattern shows short sleeves, but I wanted something longer, to go with the yarn and the model. This is a sketch I made trying to decide.


I decided to make 3/4-lengt sleeves.


The lining around the neck is very simple.


The body part is just dc and the beginning of the skirt is v-stitches.


Here you can see the increases by adding sc, which made the skirt go smoothly wider.


The finishing pineapple pattern of the skirt.


Even though it felt like a never ending project, I do want to make yet another one, but with another yarn. Since it's so much work involved I almost regret using an acrylic yarn, which doesn't last as long as a more expensive yarn in cotton, wool or silk. I think this model will be very elegant using a high quality cotton yarn or silk yarn.