turqoise crochet tunic dress virkad turkos tunika klänning filet filetvirkning

This is my turquoise filet crochet tunic. It was so fun to make and it is so nice and soft to wear. The colour is stunning in real life. The yarn is a crochet thread, which I consider being my favourite crochet thread: Järbo 8/4 (mercerized and gassed cotton). I used crochet hook 3 mm. The thread is so easy to work with: It glides nicely over the hook. I used about 2,5 200 grams-skeins, so totally about 500 grams.

wpid-fb_img_1436787582112.jpgI found the diagram for the rose pattern somewhere on the internet (can't find my way to the page again!). I first made a back and a front piece for the body. Here you can se the finished back piece and the almost finished front piece, only one shoulder is left to make.20150723_145443

I added a skirt to the body and tried to pick up the pattern from the rose-part at the body.

The trimming around the neckline and the armholes are easy:

Runt halsen och ärmhålen gjorde jag en enkel kant:
Round 1: Single crochets
Round 2: 1 half double crochet, 1 chain
Round 3: Single crochets


The technique I've used i called filet crochet. It's often used for making curtains and table cloths but it looks nice in clothing too. You create structure and patterns in your work by using filled and empty sqaures.


Empty square: 1 dc, 1 ch (alt. 2 ch if you use a really thin thread) 1 dc
Filled square: 3 dc (alt. 4 dc if you use a really thin thread)


You can use any pattern that is built up from squares with this technique, e.g. cross stitch patterns and diagrams. I printed the diagram and marked every finished line with a marker, so I could keep track of my proceeding.



A graphic view of how it's done: (st, stolpar = dc, lm = ch)
filet virkning filet crochet filé